A   H O L E ,   A   M O U N T A I N
Exhibition held at A Small View, Liverpool, December 2016

Curated by Gabrielle de la Puente

- We were all walking along Crosby Marina and like, just walking along in a line, and next thing this dead thick fog came down and me Auntie fell down the hole.

- The hole?

- The hole... there was a hole in the floor that we couldn't see because of the fog. And as she stood up there was a line of nuns walking along, all dressed in white, and she thought she'd died and woke up in heaven. It was so funny.

Contents: paint, canvas, collage, ladders, breezeblock, bullet casing, paper, ink, soil, bonsai tree, clay, pretend grass, wallpaper paste, encyclopaedias, dictionary, a three-legged table, bits of wire, blue thread, fresh flowers, dried flowers, broken glass, hammer, dead crickets, two wine glasses, two ashtrays, mirror, jam jar, bench we found in the corridor, mouse skull, leaf