O T H E R   W O R K

30 30

30 collages produced in 30 days throughout April 2017 for thirty.works

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Illegal Railway is an hour-long radio show broadcast at irregular intervals by IWFM Radio, featuring a mix of interesting and obscure music.

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Views from New Paintings with Jack McConville & Oscar Godfrey

Washington Boardroom, Glasgow, 2016

Performative reading of selected aphorisms from EM Cioran's "A Short History Of Decay" and "The Trouble With Being Born".

Part of Tzuzjj - Crit-a-Oke. The Bluecoat, 2016

Nationalised Industry Bunting, a collaboration with Tessa Norton

Lustre Fabrics, Saltaire Arts Trail, 2015

Down The Black River

 An essay and reading list commissioned by the Bluecoat for a symposium on the genre of crime fiction (more information)


Situational Aesthetics

A curatorial project investigating lowbrow reference material and contemporary artistic production as slapstick farce. Featured new works by Laura Yuile, Oscar Godfrey, Stephen Tansey, William Daw, Sean Wars, Tessa Norton, Robert Parkinson, James Turner and Simon Turner.

Airspace, Liverpool, 2014

Illustrations of cultural theorists provided for Tessa Norton's Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop, part of Art Licks weekend

Legion TV, London, 2015

40th Anniversary Mural

Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow, 2012 (permanent)