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The Sound of Grown Up Children Determined Not to be Afraid
ICW, Blackpool

Group show with Craig Aitkinson, Oliver Bradley-Baker, Kieran Healy, Claire Dorsett, curated by Benjamin Davies and Laura Brady

"Michael Lacey’s paintings and sculptures speak too of weird little fictions, articulating succinctly the dark moods and anxieties of an unsettled movement through the everyday. Above a pair of curled concrete, two-headed ‘faeces-slugs’ hangs a painted nest filled with hungry chicks, open-mouthed and expectant, forever waiting. Lacey reduces the world to varying degrees of absurdity while expanding the dark, tragicomic melancholy of the internal through external forms. On the ground, a grotesque clay-headed toy pigeon with shiny 5p eyes glares blankly outwards, part pier arcade game, part scavenging street bird."

from Corridor8 review by Alison Criddle